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2019-2020 Nebraska Echoes Teams

Looking for a few players
10U Echoes Horton 1 Pitcher
12U Echoes Brown - 1 Pitcher
14U Echoes Phephles looking for outfielder & utility
14U Echoes Bartsch Pitcher, Catcher or Utility
16U Echoes Madsen- 1 Pitcher
18U  Looking for players
For a private tryout contact:
Tony Larry 402-592-6943

Nebraska Echoes

  • 14U Echoes Gold Burton won the 2019 Food Drive Contest!
  • 10U Echoes Rasmussen 1st Place PGF Regional Qualifier
  • 10U Echoes Rasmussen 2nd Place Echoes Earlybird Tournament
  • 18U Echoes Gold Larry 1st Place Echoes Earlybird Tournament
  • McKayla DuVal! 2020 Nebraska Echoes $1,500 College Scholarship winner!
  • 10U Echoes Rasmussen 2nd Quakes Classic!
  • 12U Echoes Phephles 1st Easter Extravaganza!
  • 10U Echoes Rasmussen 1st Mayhem Umpires Memorial!
  • 10U Echoes Rasmussen 1st NW Illusion Blast
  • Undefeated 10U Echoes Rasmussen 1st Place Ringneck
  • 12U Echoes Rasmussen 1st Place CIS Pink Out Tournament in DesMoines IA
  • 12U Echoes "Monopoly" Rasmussen at the Boo Bash!
  • 12U Echoes Brown at the Boo Bash!
  • 14U Echoes Phephles (Area 51) at the Boo Bash!
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Echoes Fast Pitch

Echoes was founded in 1985, in Omaha, Nebraska.  Since it's inception the goals of the club have been:

  • ‚ÄčTo train girls to be elite softball players, capable of earning College scholarships
  • To teach girls the principals of dedication, perseverance and teamwork
  • To encourage girls to participate in community service 

We believe the key to long-term sustainable success is building teams and developing the players on our roster, not just recruiting new players. We will stick with our players and not simply try to recruit another, better player to replace you as soon as we have talked you into joining our roster.

Echoes teams consistently receive invitations to the nation's top tournaments and college showcases, including Colorado Fireworks, Colorado Independence Day and St. Louis Showcase.

Once there, Echoes teams compete on the main complexes and in the top pools against the best teams. As a result, Echoes players learn to compete at the highest national level and receive college exposure opportunities.

Over the last five years our club has seen growth with the addition of multiple teams at several age levels.  That said, we will continue to emphasize quality over quantity in our growth. We do not believe in fielding multiple teams in every age group that lack a strong commitment to compete at the highest national/regional level.

Echoes Athletic Association is a non-profit 501c3 organization. 

Cancelled 24th Annual Echoes Earlybird Tournament

We will not reschedule this year.
Hope to see you next year!


Updates & News


  • 02/04/2020, 5:30pm CST , By Judy Larry
  • All Echoes have a BLAST
  • Read More

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Tony Larry


Phone: (402) 592-6943

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Echoes Fast Pitch